U-Lactin Dry Skin Lotion – 16 oz. Discount !!

Title: U-Lactin Dry Skin Lotion – 16 oz.
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Description: Trusted by dermatologists for over 15 years, U-Lactin Lotion is the solution for the driest, roughest skin there is. Dry skin can be caused by a variety of environmental factors, including cold, dry weather. When the skin loses moisture, it often chaps and cracks, thus reducing the skin’s barrier properties. An additional symptom that occurs is winter itch, which often induces scratching, and which weakens the skin’s defense mechanism further. We have successfully created a high-potency formula with a unique combination of superior therapeutic moisturizing agents: 10% urea, a humectant, and 2% lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy-acid. This unique formula allows the skin to absorb and retain badly depleted moisture and allows the skin to re-hydrate and soften without leaving a greasy residue. U-Lactin Lotion is Lanolin, Alcohol, and Fragrance free.


  • A high-potency dry skin therapy.

U-Lactin Dry Skin Lotion - 16 oz.
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Brand: Allerderm
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Rating : 4.7
Rating: 33
Review: The First Thing That’s Worked for Me!
I don’t normally take the time to review things, but I decided that I owed it to the creators of this product, and to the people who can benefit from it. I have had keratosis pilaris (ie. chicken skin, reddened bumps mainly on the upper arms, thighs) at least since the time I was in junior high, which was almost 20 years ago. I’ve tried creams, lotions, moisturizers, exfoliation products…I’ve actually tried scrubbing or scratching them off. The bumps didn’t budge and the redness didn’t fade. My uncle is a physician, so he even had me try a prescription-strength lotion years ago, but it didn’t do the trick either.

I started using U-Lactin every night (and every morning when I’d remember) after I found it on Amazon, and my skin started to feel smoother after just a few days. Then, the redness started to subside. It never irritated my skin or felt too oily. I used it on my forearms and hands too just because it made my skin feel good. I used it faithfully until it was gone,…

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